Top 25 Hard Rock/Metal Songs of 2012 (#6 – 10)

Day #4 of the my 25 favorite hard rock and metal songs of 2012, and we’re finally cracking the top 10!  Previous editions:  the #21-25 post, the #16-20 post, and the #11-15 post.  Today, let’s rock out to my #6 – 10 favorites of the year.

10.  Dead Sara – Lemon Scent

Okay, I’m kind of fudging this one.  Technically, I don’t think “Lemon Scent” has been released as a radio single.  I don’t care.  A song this good gets to break the rules.

9.  In This Moment – Whore

Yep, I chose “Whore” over “Blood”!  I think it is the better song on the album, and it was more powerful when performed live as well.  The music video only has sound and lyrics; I guess they haven’t created an official video yet.  It’s Maria Brink at her most passionate best.

8.  HellYeah – Drink Drank Drunk

Vinnie Paul!!!!!  I’m still obsessed!  I wanted to run up to him and give him a big squeeze when I saw him the other week.  HellYeah killed it when they opened for Lamb of God at the Tabernacle, and this is the song that got the crowd most nuts.

7.  Soulfly – Plata O Plomo

I don’t speak Portuguese (vocalist Max Cavalera is Brazillian) and so I don’t understand 95% of this song’s lyrics, but it doesn’t matter; the overwhelming energy of “Plata o Plomo” gets the message across.  The riffs and drumming are crazy, a sound embodied in the entire Enslaved album.

6.  Gojira – Explosia

The technical mastery and creativity in “Explosia” never ceases to impress me.  (Actually, I’ll acknowledge here that I woefully omitted L’Enfant Sauvage, the album on which “Explosia” appears, from my list of my favorite albums of the year.)  I saw Gojira live back in about 2010, and I’m going to see them again next February!  Definitely looking forward to hearing this song live.  They blew the roof off last time.

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