Monday Procrastination (Links)

I have an outstanding week of live music coming up!  A bit of everything, from classic country, to local rock acts, to (my indubitable favorite, at least pre-show) badass metal featuring Converge, Kvelertak, and Torche!  And yes, this will be another sober metal show for me.  At least I’ve had practice now.  For today, enjoy some distraction from work:

I had no idea James Michael, the voice of Sixx:AM, was so sexy! Aviators and tattoos always win.

1.  Vintage Vic is a voracious Pinterest pinner (almost 10,000 total as of this post), and I follow a couple of her boards.  Her “Vintage Vic’s Eye Candy” is by far my favorite.  It’s full of hot rock ‘n roll bad boys, with a great combination of present-day photos and hard-to-find 80s and 90s flashback shots, including a ton of Guns N’ Roses gems to fuel my ongoing addiction.  She loves her some Nikki Sixx!  I’ll never hate on that.  Prepare to get sucked into the pinterest procrastination vortex.

2.  Full disclosure:  I’m slightly biased in sharing this link to LohoMatic, as I know the author in real life and think she’s a blast.  But I wouldn’t post if I didn’t also think it would have universal appeal.  She is an exceptional photographer, extremely creative, and hilarious, and all three of those traits are manifest in her blog.  In addition to the substantive part of her posts, she includes (among other things) a song and random fact of the day, plus the best thing she ate!

Appropriately enough, this photo is from Girls’ Rock Camp ATL, which she shot this summer. So badass! (via)

3.  I stumbled upon Mark Lafay’s website thanks to someone’s retweet of a link on twitter.  Who says social media can’t be productive!  My current reading kick, in addition to the various rockstar autobiographies I’ve been reviewing on this blog, is non-fiction relating to the business aspects of the music industry.  At the beginning of this week I wrapped up Behind the Glass, Volume II: Top Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits, which contained dozens of interviews with sound engineers, producers, and other industry insiders, reflecting on the keys to a successful album (defined with respect to both the LP’s financial success and the artistic quality of the songs included therein), the influence of technology on the evolution of sound (the increasing use of ProTools in home and professional studios, digital vs. analog, etc.), and the general direction in which the recording industry appears to be heading.  Loved it.  Now I’m reading Music Money and Success 7th Edition: The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in the Music Business, a 500+ page monstrosity on publishing, licensing, and related legal and business topics, which I’m attacking front cover to back, unavoidably with my now-ingrained attorney’s perspective.

Anyway!  This website is an awesome resource on the music business and music marketing, with lots of short-but-topical articles, productive (albeit sporadic) reader commentary, and useful forms.  A recent piece is entitled “Marketing Your Band Without Being Annoying,” which is undoubtedly a difficult balance to achieve.  I can think of a few local and regional acts who do this extremely well, and a few others who egregiously abuse social networking sites in the name of self-promotion.  I’m not in a band myself, of course, but I love reading this stuff.  (Even if the author wrote that certain efforts would be “vernaught.”  I actually double-checked to make sure I hadn’t been mishearing the phrase “for naught” all these years.  Yeah, to confirm, “for naught” is definitely correct.  #themoreyouknow)

Don’t arrest the Legos! (via, for a whole set of funny 420-related images)

4.  I intentionally try to avoid political discussions on this blog (or anywhere online), since the cloak of anonymity and the lack of immediately in-person social consequences rarely lead to intelligent, open-minded discourse or the pursuit of mutual understanding.  But on Tuesday, the citizens of three states (Colorado, Washington, and Oregon) will be voting on measures that would legalize non-medical marijuana possession and use, subject of course to a number of regulations and limitations.  This attached link offers a concise but insightful, and in my opinion persuasive, explanation of why marijuana legalization proposals will actually serve public health and safety goals where criminalization has failed.  I happen to be strongly in favor of legalization – no, not just ‘cuz I wanna get hiiiiiiiiiigh, dude – for reasons ranging from the abstract (its alignment with my generally libertarian political stance) to the practical (the disparate effects possession laws have on the poor and minorities).  I think it’s worth a read for persons on both sides of the issue.  I’ll step off my soapbox for now, but heck, if you disagree with me/the article, and you can voice your objections in a civil and coherent way, please do post in the comments.

5.  I’ll end on a fun note, followed by an inspirational picture.  Click through to The Chive’s post from this summer featuring 30 rockstar’s high school yearbook photos.  I get such a kick out of “before they were famous” stuff, and a lot of these were new to me.  Four of my favorites:

It’s Dime. Enough said. Of course it gets posted to the blog.

Oh sweet child o’ mine. (Okay, that was lame. But it’s baby Axl!)

Because I can’t stop listening to Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero off the new new Stone Sour album

Hoping this is a senior year pic (i.e. 18+), b/c Tommy was a hottie back then… as now!

There are a bunch of other HRH regulars (Slash and Trent Reznor among them), but I don’t want to lift their entire post!

Finally, this has been a tumultuous year for me, to say the least.  For those who have felt the challenges of transition, the sting of rejection, the struggle of change, or the stagnancy that comes from fear of failure, I hope you enjoy this little image as much as I did:

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